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Gifts of HELP Collection

Books for the library - $25


The best predictor of reading success is the amount of time spent reading.  Access to a wide range of quality books will contribute to reading success of children.  This gift provides books for the Tahuantinsuyo Community Centre in Bolivia.

Classroom materials - $40


Classroom materials such as notebooks, pens, blocks, and games are an important part of learning. This gift provides classroom materials for 50 students for two months at the Tahuantinsuyo Community Centre in Bolivia.

Fresh fruit - $100


Fruit is a healthy snack packed full of nutrients that growing bodies and minds need.  This gift provides fruit for 50 children for one month at the Tahuantinsuyo Community Centre in Bolivia.

Nutritious Lunch - $20


Hungry children have a hard time learning.  This gift provides a nutritious lunch for one child for one month at the Tahuantinsuyo Community Centre in Bolivia.  

Cook's salary for a day - $25


The cook's role is an important one, and Marlene does a fabulous job.  She prepares nutritious lunches and snacks, and ensures the children at the Tahuantinsuyo Community Centre in Bolivia have the energy they need to grow and learn.

Sample Gift Card


These gift cards can be printed on cardstock and mailed to you, or sent to you as a pdf for you to print.  Give a Gift with Meaning - Give a Gift of HELP!

Gifts that Give Thrice!

From the Rockies for the Andes



Beadwork by Arcilla, a member of the Wesley First Nation in Morley, Alberta. A mother of two young daughters, Arcilla works full time to support her family, and beads part time for extra income. HELP Bolivia is pleased to offer gifts that will benefit both Arcilla and her family, as well as the families at Tahuantinsuyo.  

How to purchase

Please email to order any of these items, and indicate which item(s) you would like.  Payment can be made by cheque, e-transfer ( or via Paypal (see button below to transfer you to our Paypal button)

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