Lunch Buddy Page

Become a Lunch Buddy!

Here’s your chance to become a lunch buddy with kids in Bolivia! 

Help Bolivia has many plans for the future, but right now one of our main focuses is to keep the lunch program funded for the kids at the Tahuantinsuyo Community Centre, so we’re asking you to become a Lunch Buddy.  By signing up for a monthly donation of just $5 (or more) you will be buying your buddy’s lunch for a whole week! 

Post photos and messages using #BoliviaLunchBuddy  and they’ll be shared with the kids in March 2019! You will also become a featured donor with your name, or IG handle, shared on our website and tagged in our posts & stories on IG & FB. We will be posting regular updates of the actual lunches that you bought for your buddy! Let’s create a virtual Lunch Club by following all other Lunch Buddies, and make a world of a difference for the kids in Bolivia! 

Become a Lunch Buddy for $5 per month (or more). Sign up here!