Tahuantinsuyo Community Centre

The Tahuantinsuyo (Tah-wan-tin-soo'-yo) Community Centre is located in a gritty and impoverished neighbourhood of El Alto. Children attend school only half a day in Bolivia, so the community centre is where they can be safe and happy  for the rest of the day, helping to protect them from the risk of exposure to gangs and abuse.  

On-site Educators improve each child's chances of success at school and within their community by providing extra curriculum, help with homework, and counselling for the children,  many of whom face challenges stemming from domestic violence and/or sexual abuse environments. Children in the program range in age from 3 to 18 years of age.  

Families are required to pay a small token admission for their children to attend the community centre. These families are referred to the centre by schools and community leaders, and are survivors of  domestic violence, and may face issues of abandonment, or have parents out of work or in temporary jobs.  Many of our families are single parent. 

Most of these families have migrated to the city of El Alto from the countryside in the hopes of elevating themselves and their families out of poverty.  Like most parents, they want a better life for themselves and their children. Sadly, many  parents & grandparents are illiterate, and are unable to help their children with homework.  The majority of our families are of the indigenous group the Aymara.  Often the grandparents can only speak their regional dialect.  

In addition to homework support, extra educational classes, and counselling, Help Bolivia also runs a hot lunch program that provides a daily nutritious meal to the children at the community centre.  For the vast majority, this is the only nutritious meal they receive in a day. 

Hungry children have a hard time learning. The educational support, and the lunch program are vital components of building brighter futures for these underprivileged children. 

Will you help out and buy a needy Bolivian child their lunch?